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St. Louis | MLB Players Association

11 World Series championships. 19 National League pennants. 13 division titles. One team. One strong fan base. Rep your team with St. Louis Cards gear.

As one of the most successful baseball teams in history, the Cards have some passionate fans out there. And some of these passionate fans have a knack for design. That’s how all of 500 LEVEL’s sports apparel happens. Fans just like you submit one-of-a-kind designs for St. Louis apparel, the designs are voted on, and then the winning submissions are featured on our site. Being one-of-a-kind helps set 500 LEVEL apart from the competition, just like the Cards.

Whether you’re rooting on the Cards at Busch Stadium, at a bar with friends, or at home with the entire family, you need the best St. Louis apparel. 500 LEVEL has a wide selection of St. Louis baseball shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies for men, women, and kids. Try on this Matt Carpenter shirt for size. Or how about this sick Adam Wainwright hoodie?

 Get ready for the next game. Check out St. Louis Cards gear now.

500 LEVEL is a proud to present Dexter Fowler's official logo and gear.