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Milwaukee | MLB Players Association

The True Blue Brew Crew. The Beermakers. The Cerveceros. No matter what you like to call your favorite baseball team, you need to show off your pride with Milwaukee baseball apparel.

The Milwaukee baseball team is one-of-a-kind. Every fan has a tale of why and how they became a fan. Did your family bring you to Miller Field as a kid? Do you remember the first game you watched? Do you obsessively check up on scores and player stats? Show off that passion with a Christian Yelich Shirts or a Josh Hader Baseball T-Shirts.  

500 LEVEL is here to help with that. We know how important it is to rep your favorite team—it’s a personal connection. And since no two fans are alike, their gear shouldn’t be, either. Learn more about our story here. As for our Milwaukee baseball gear, it’s designed by hardcore fans like you. Every Milwaukee baseball shirt, sweatshirt, and hoodie tells a story about the team, the players, and the fans.

Don’t hesitate. The next game is just around the corner. Browse the entire 500 LEVEL collection of Milwaukee baseball gear now.