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Kansas City | MLB Players Association

Everybody loves the Kansas City baseball team.After an exciting run (and, of course, the 2015 World Series win!), you need to be ready to cheer them on with KC baseball gear. 500 LEVEL’s got you covered.

Kansas City has seen a lot of baseball—and a lot of barbecue. It’s no wonder that KC baseball fans are some of the most supportive around. (Just think of those sweet tailgates with KC barbecue.) 500 LEVEL loves fan support. After all, all of our Kansas City baseball gear is 100% fan-created. C’mon. Who else could design better Kansas City shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts than diehard fans? It’s a given. Curious about how we undertook our mission to create MLB baseball shirts for fans by fans? Learn more about us here.

It doesn’t matter if your rooting on the team at Kauffman Stadium or at home with family and friends. Awesome fan gear is a must.

Why wait? Start browsing 500 LEVEL’s Kansas City shirts now.